At the moment, LOGPAT is undergoing thorough revision. We are fixing some bugs, adding some new functions and a help page, and translating everything into English. We ask users interested in LOGPAT to wait until the end of 2002 when the revised version will be available.

Logpat (Logfile Pattern Analysis) is a web-based tool for analyzing logfile-data. The analysis offered are not comparable to those you get from traditional logfile-analyzing-tools. Compared to those logpat offers some functions you will need, if you want to get some more information about your data than only page-counts. For example logpat offers the following specific values:

Licence: Logpat is published under the GNU General Public Licence

More Information

To get more information about the tool, please read this article, presented at GOR 2001 in Göttingen (Germany):
Noller, S., Naumann, J., Richter, T. (2001). LOGPAT – ein webbasiertes Tool zur Analyse von Navigationsverläufen in Hypertexten. In K. J. Jonas, P. Breuer, B. Schauenburg & M. Boos (eds.) Perspectives on Internet Research: Concepts and Methods.[WWW document]. Available URL: http://www.gor.de/gor01/proceedings/ (english abstract available)

Only german speaking people (sorry...) could also read this Powerpoint-Presentation Power-Point Presentation

Of course: Download it!

If you want to download a copy of Logpat, please visit the project-homepage at Sourceforge Project Homepage/Download

Please: Enhance it with your own development

As Logpat is published under the GNU GPL-Licence everybody can use it and add functionality (or fix bugs) to the code. As the idea of the Licence is to share knowledge we would appreciate to receive your enhancements or even better: become part of the development-team at sourceforge and work on the main version directly...

We apologize...

Many things: Please keep in mind: It's a non commercial project and therefore our time (especially for development) is very limited...

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